Corporate Training

Demand for skilled employees remains strong and growing on a daily basis. Organizations need to be assured that the IT professionals they hire can handle real-world, technology-based responsibilities, and employees and job seekers need credentials that demonstrate just that. Information systems today play a key role in nearly every business. Certification training provides a blueprint for IT professionals to plan, implement and manage those information systems.

Course Offerings

The Education and Training division offers courses in the following categories

Introductory Course:

  • Technical training through Integr8 IT prepares students to get certified in specialized areas of IT.

    Technical training and certification can assist students in the following areas:

  • Quality learning is the key to certification. At Integr8 IT, you'll get the best in quality and flexibility that only few training institutes can offer. Regardless of the certification that you are interested in, you'll receive comprehensive training from highly qualified instructors, curriculum materials and the flexibility to schedule your courses anytime, day or night.

    Integr8 IT offers a multitude of technical courses that are required to earn the most well-known and credible certification programs in the IT industry today. Integr8 IT is founded on a culture based on the principles of open communication, empowerment, trust, integrity, and giving back to the community.

    Certification Solutions

    Integr8 IT has Pearson VUE Authorised Test Center for IT Certifications. Our Test Center Exclusively Selected for Delivering CISCO Exams.